Thursday, January 24, 2008

CF and OBP

Like most of you, I would like Felix Pie to win the starting CF job outright next year. Still, there are serious questions about his ability to get on base with enough regularity to justify him getting the job, no matter how much his upside might be.

Now I think if we ask ourselves how successful organizations would treat this situation, we might find some answers. Did Boston start J. Ellsbury last year? He was quite highly thought of but Boston went with a competent veteran.

Wrigley Field does not have an enormous CF, so Pie's most MLB ready part of his game, defense, may not overcome his offensive weaknesses.

The Cubs should go out and sign an adequate defensive player to patrol CF who possesses many of the attributes the team does not have, speed and OBP.

A solid veteran like K Lofton, would provide another LHB who last year still posted in 490AB's, a 296BA, 367OBP and 23 SB's.

Lofton may not patrol CF the way he used to, but considering the Cubs need for a LHB with speed and a high OBP, he would be a solid pickup that could still bat leadoff and allow Soriano to move down to a more productive part of the order.

1060west RIP (archives)
a crappy/unpopular Chicago Cubs baseball blog. (RIP: 10/7/04--1/21/08)

Just wish to express my gratitude to CCD, for the opportunity to contribute at 1060west. I know many who had visited there, will miss it as I do.

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