Friday, April 4, 2008

Does D. Lee Belong Hitting Third?

If you believe so, you might want to consider the following...

A Ramirez

G-145 AB-547 R-99 H-174 2B-32 TR-1 HR-36 RBI-103
TB-316 BB-49 K-62
.373OBP .578SLG .318BA

A Ramirez

G-123 AB-463 R-72 H-140 2B-30 TR-0 HR-31 RBI-92
TB-263 BB-35 K-60
.358OBP .568SLG .302BA

A Ramirez

G-157 AB-594 R-93 H-173 2B-38 TR-4 HR-38 RBI-119
TB-333 BB-50 K-63
.352OBP .561SLG .291BA

A Ramirez

G-132 AB-506 R-72 H-157 2B-35 TR-4 HR-26 RBI-101
TB-278 BB-43 K-66
.366OBP .549SLG .310BA

Ramirez averaged over the last four years, a 362OBP, 564SLG and 305BA. More importantly, Aramis has only averaged 63 K's. Lets face it, the man puts the ball in play. This would create more opportunities for opposing defensive miscues that could lead to cheap RBI's.

For comparison, our current number three hitter D. Lee, excluding his injury shortened 2006 season, has posted an average over that same time of a 391OBP, 560SLG, 310BA and 117K's.

Pretty comparable numbers with one exception, Strikeouts. It's also safe to assume that Ramirez would have even a higher slugging percentage hitting in front of Lee instead of behind him along with a corresponding jump in his RBI totals.

We also have to remember Lee has benefited from Ramirez hitting behind him, where Ramirez has had no such protection in the lineup. Sandwiching Soriano, between Ramirez and Lee, would provide him with the much needed protection he doesn't receive in the leadoff spot.

Who then bats leadoff? Fukudome, is the easy choice. The Asian import is an on base machine with sufficient speed to handle the leadoff role. Fukudome also has enough power to drive in runners that most assuredly will be if on base with at least one if not two outs.

I also believe Pie and The Riot, should switch hitting second and eighth. Pie would benefit hitting with the big bangers immediately following him versus the pitcher.

The Riot, is slowly showing none of the discipline to be a top of the order hitter. Pie, hasn't shown much plate discipline either, but his ceiling is significantly higher and being left handed, would make the job of advancing the leadoff hitter much easier.

Piniella has shown a disdain for piss poor performance and I can only assume if this club continues to struggle offensively, changes like these aren't far from becoming a reality.