Monday, April 9, 2007

Cubs/Brewers Series Recap!

Well another series in the book and this one has our Cubs on top 2 & 1. That's two series the Cubs have played against teams that no one could confuse with the Yankees and our buys in blue are 3 & 3.

Like the series in Cincinnati, the Cubs seres against the Brewers got two nice pitching performances from their starters and one stinko. We can only surmise that if the rotation holds on that course the Cubs will have a successful year ending with an appearance in the postseason.
A couple of observations from the Brewers series however seem to indicate some areas of concern.

One, although the teams approach at the plate seems to be much more patient than the free swinging clubs under Dusty, it still is quite apparent that this is a fastball hitting team and that crafty off speed pitchers just give them fits. Now don't get me wrong, Capuano would've been tough on anyone yesterday, still I can't recall many more ugly swings by Cub hitters this young season. Which means they didn't read those damn scouting reports or Chris Capuano is already having his Bust bronzed for Cooperstown.

Second, it seems that with all the talk about the Cubs having two many right handed bats in their lineup, that someone other than Ronny Cedeneo with his mighty stroke, could be coming off the bench late in the game. Now Cedeneo didn't pinch hit yesterday and has actually been doing better than I thought he would this young season. However, when the Cubs had the bases loaded late in the game Uncle Lou, had no choice but to trot out Daryle Ward, who struggles mightily against lefties.

Piniella in his excitement to load up the starting lineup with RH bats against Capuano, neglected to leave himself any viable RH power off the bench. The Cubs are very light hitting from the right side on the bench and it would've behooved them to have considered that when choosing the 25th. man for their roster.

All in all though the team is only going as far as the starters can take them, and I'm pleasantly surprised with them so far. As far as the lineup, hopefully things will become clearer to Piniella and some adjustments will be made as to how it's configured and who stays on the 25 man roster.

Up next, Home Opener vs: Astros. It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood, Go Cubs Go!!

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