Monday, April 30, 2007

Question Time!

Piniella's starting to really shake things up, which is a good thing. Gone are the days of complacency under Baker and it looks as though Piniella has served notice to most everybody. Perform or ride the pine.

Of course I said most everybody, and I'm specifically referring to The Fonz, as being the exception.

So I have a few questions for you.

Does anyone think Soriano is an effective leadoff man?

A leadoff man's primary responsibility is to get on base, correct? Steal bases second, correct? Hitting home runs, is kind of down the list on requirements, correct?

Do you think that the primary reason Soriano was obtained this offseason was because of his speed or power?

If it was his speed, he's not using it much as his 301 OBP is lower than any other regular other than Izturis.

Soriano's career numbers shows he will steal bases and hit for power to be sure, but they also show his OBP is around 320.

So again I ask you, did the Cubs acquire Soriano primarily for his speed or power?

Piniella has to evaluate Soriano just like everybody else. The Riot has shown he can do the job at leadoff and we have Murton, DeRosa and even Barrett for goodness sake that have solid OBP and can do a credible job in the two hole. Who knows, a move of Soriano to a run producing spot in the order might even take a little pressure off him and get his bat going.

The Cubs would then have a devasting 3,4 5 punch with Soriano following Lee and Ramirez.

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