Friday, February 27, 2009

Bench Strength?

Let's face it folks, Jake Fox, Joey Gathright and Micah Hoffpauir are bench players for a reason. It's often a combination of things but whatever these players shortcomings are, they will need to play an effective role for the 2009 Cubs.

The Cubs have only played 2 games this spring but a grand slam and outfield assist from Hoffpauir, a 3 for 3 plus stolen base from Gathright, and a 3 run HR from Fox, are good signs from the three of them. Every team needs complimentary players that can provide some bench strength, versatility and insurance for the team's starters. It's a likely scenario that either Fox or Hoffpauir won't make the MLB roster when they break spring training, but hopefully the players that do go north with the Cubs will be important spokes in the Cubs wheel for 2009.


Ace said...

The thought of wasting a bench spot on Joey Gathright makes me sad.

Klute said...

I actually think Gaitright is going to surprise us. Most bench players are most valuable to the team as a defensive replacement. It certainly is nice to have a big banger on the bench but Gaitright's speed and versatility in the outfield make him hands down more valuable than Hoffpauir or Fox.

Don't even get me started on the Pie comparison with Gathright. Pie may eventually become a solid MLB player but on a team with the playoff window closing, riding the pine wasn't going to help the team or Pie.

Piniella has a history with Gathright from his days in Tampa Bay and Gathright can do the little things like bunt and steal a base.