Sunday, March 15, 2009

Questions That Must Be Answered Correctly.

If the reasoning behind having Soriano bat lead off isn't flawed, then wouldn't hitting Bradley in the lead off spot be superior?

Does anyone still believe D Lee is the best hitter on the team? If he isn't, why is he still projected in the 3 hole?

We know that spring training stats don't mean that much but can anyone tell me they think Miles will be anywhere near as effective as Fontenot, and why Theriot doesn't deserve to hit lead off?

If Ramirez, the best hitter on the team the past two years is willing to hit in the 5 hole, what beef could any other hitter have hitting there?

What hitter other than Soto, is on the upswing of his career?

With the history of how this lineup has performed, is there any justification to bat Fukudome any higher than 8th?

What's wrong with the following lineup?

1) Theriot
2) Fontenot
3) Bradley/Ramirez
4) Bradley/Ramirez...Soto if Bradley isn't in the lineup
5) Soriano
6) Soto...Lee if Bradley isn't in the lineup
7) Lee...Fukudome/Johnson if Bradley isn't in the lineup
8) Fukudome/Johnson/Gathright


Fred Merkel said...

I totally agree with that lineup! There's not a weak link anywhere. I don't understand Soriano-Fukudome-Lee at all. I might put Soto seventh, but only if Lee is on the bench and Hoffpaur is batting ahead of him. I love D-Lee, but if he keeps hitting into twin killings, he needs to get dropped in the lineup or perhaps benched cause Micah can sho'nuf hit!

Klute said...

I have always believed your best hitter bats in the 3 hole and Bradley is the best.

The point in having high OBP players at the top of the order is not that they are the best hitters but exactly because they can work the count, build up an opposing pitchers pitch count quicker and exactlt because they don't have prodigious extra base power, make their positioning in front of the big bangers the most useful way to use them.

I have Soto in front of Lee because he is a more effective run producer at this point of his career than Lee is and since the middle of the order main job is to produce runs, Soto needs to hit before Lee.

Our Asian acrobat has not shown that he has adjusted his style much since he fell off the cliff in the second half of last year. Hence he does the least amount of harm in the 8 hole.

Anonymous said...


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