Friday, March 2, 2007

Medical Concerns!

Well the bloom is certainly off the rose now. It seems that this is definitely going to be an entertaining year with Pinella at the helm. If that translates into a significant increase in the win column is the burning question.

The Good: Marquis threw 14 out of 20 pitches for strikes and didn't walk anybody.

The Bad: He's not fooling anybody either.

The Good: The Cubs staff yielded only one walk.

The Bad: They only had one strikeout.

The Good: The regulars played credible defense.

The Bad: Ronny Cedeneo and Scott Moore should be bagging groceries instead of playing baseball.

The Good: Piniella is calling a spade a spade and doesn't mind saying so publicly.

The Bad: At age 63, he will most likely need to start or increase his blood pressure medication.

All in all a very forgettable day between the white lines in Mesa except for Piniella asking if the Cubs have a PPO or HMO plan.

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