Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Updated Mission From God!

As the Cubs move to make their first cuts of spring training, I'd like to show a couple of stat lines at this midway point.

Ryan Theriot aka The Riot
29AB 2DBL 1TRP 0HR 15TB 5RS 1RBI 3BB 2K 1SB 0CS 455OBP 379BA

Alfonso Soriano aka The Fonz
27AB 2DBL 0TRP 1HR 12TB 3RS 2RBI 1BB 6K 2SB 1CS 286OBP 259BA

It's a small sample I understand, but if The Riot continues with a stat line anywhere near this when camp breaks, how does he not when piggybacking these numbers on last year's, make the most sense to start at 2B and bat leadoff?

DeRosa is slow and has demonstrated the versatility to play multiple positions, a key to being an effective utility player.

Soriano has a career OBP under 330, a big negative out of the leadoff spot.

Soriano has already gone on record that he is willing to play and hit anywhere Piniella thinks he'll be the most effective. The jury is still out on his ability to handle CF, but it doesn't look like he'd have any chance to win the CF job if the Cubs didn't have a surplus of outfielders that would be beating down Piniella's door for playing time.

Yes it's a valuable asset to have a strong bench with quality players, but not at the risk of undermining the effectiveness of the lineup and weakening the defense.

Soriano batting leadoff and playing CF does both! If it means playing Jones, a proven CF'er until he's traded, and pissing off Floyd because he won't get enough AB's, who gives a shit? How in the hell can't Soriano be more productive hitting fourth than leadoff? Speed for a power hitter is just a bonus, not a criteria for hitting leadoff. Soriano's power and strikeouts dictate he hit in the middle of the order, where he would see better pitches to hit with A-Ram protecting him in the 5th. spot, than he would with a 2 hitter following him batting leadoff.

The leadoff spot belongs to a player like The Riot. He's showing he has enough speed and discipline at the plate to be a better option at leadoff than anyone else on the team, and it's not like he's replacing a gold glove, stud hitter with a huge contract at 2B.

It's a "NO BRAINER," Piniella! Get over your man crush on Soriano and do the right thing already, will ya?


CornCobDress said...

It's funny you say this Clute. I had the same thoughts riding around in the car yesterday. How on earth does Theriot not get a chance to be the everyday second sacker and they coule move DeRosa into his accustommed utility role.

It seems to make sense. But it probably is more about dollars than sense.

CornCobDress said...

...and oh btw. I love the lollygagger girls.

Clute said...

Everybody loves Lollyagger girl, Kerry! I accidentally posted the article before finishing it, so I was surprised to see comments already on it. It's apparent to me that whatever strength there is in the minor league system is at OF and Pitching. So it kind of makes you go Hmmm, about some of Hendry's offseason moves. Anyway, Pie looks to be almost there and it makes no sense to have Soriano in CF when the outfield defense would be stronger with Jones there. Then it's just an easy transition when Jones is traded for the Cubs as they won't have to move Soriano from CF to RF further slowing down his learning curve at yet another new position.