Monday, March 5, 2007

The Upside Down Show!

Overheard from a White Sox fan at yesterday's Cubs/Sox game at HoHoKam Park, "Maybe if you spend another $100M the Cubs might be 500."

Unfortunately I wasn't there to deliver a right cross to this lame's jaw but what he said was just what I would've said if the shoe was on the other foot.

Piniella sees the same thing that all of us do, with few exceptions the Cubs are just Lollygagging their way around in these games.

Thankfully we seem to have a manager that isn't going to stand for it and heads will start to roll, maybe even before Piniella's foot finds a players ass.

The White Sox bring three starters to the game, against the Cubs mighty revamped lineup that has a starter at every position but catcher, and pound out 5 HR's and score 13 runs? WTF!

The Cubs exhibited in true Dusty fashion yet again, the lack of ability to understand the game situation. The first inning says it all.

Soriano swings at first pitch and hits a double, Juan Pierre with power but clueless with a glove so far in CF. Mind my words, he won't go 3/3 everyday and his lack of OBP is going to hurt this team, just like Pierre did. Any idiot can see the his offensive skills are wasted in the leadoff spot. No matter how many bases Soriano steals, and if memory serves me correctly, Soriano didn't have as many steals as Pierre last year, did Pierre help the team in the leadoff spot?

Murton does his job at the top of the order and should be a poster boy for every hitter on the team. However Murton, will most likely suffer the most by being the number one guy asked to sit so Floyd can get his AB's. Insane I tell you, INSANE!

D. Lee gives a valiant effort after getting behind early in the count to eventually work it full before striking out. Like Murton, Lee seems to have understood the game situation where the Cubs had a terrific opportunity to rough up a stud starter from the White Sox and put a big crooked number up.

A-Ram, the next object of our desire or is it Ire, swings at the first pitch, then almost falls flat on his face doing his best "Charlie Hustle" imitation 358' to early, and hits into a double play.

I know it's only spring training and many of these players are going to be on the bus tour soon, but Piniella needs to take a long hard look at his lineup and understand that having two hitters at the top of the order that are tough outs and can extend the opposition's pitcher, are vital components of having an effective offense. You have to look back no further than 2003 with Lofton and Grudzelianek at the top of the order, to see how successful two tough outs can be in the 1 and 2 hole.

The Riot should be given a chance to not only earn the 2B job, but the leadoff spot as well. If spring training is the time to find out who can do what and help the team the best, why isn't that happening?

PS Has DeRosa even been on base yet?

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