Thursday, February 1, 2007

6,7,8 Open Thread!

Why would your two highest OBP hitters bat at the back of the order? Well one reason is that you had the first 5 Yankee hitters in the lineup. Of course the Cubs don't have those players and having Barrett and Murton hitting 6 and 7 respectively just doesn't make much sense.

Uncle Lou said in his introductory press conference, that having 8 midgets taking walks wasn't a bad way to increase the Cubs woeful OBP, and while his comments were tongue and cheek, the statement speaks volumes for the hopefully fresh approach that will be implemented with the Cubs.

Barrett or Murton both have what you look for in a 2 hole hitter and barring any revisions to the media's projected starting lineup, it would appear either could produce in that role. The nod of course should go to the player that would bring some speed as well and this would most likely rule out Barrett.

That's what so puzzling about the insertion of DeRosa in the 2 hole as he is hardly fleet of foot.

It seems Izturis is destined and rightfully so for the 8 hole. We can only hope Pinella isn't confused by Cesar's switch hitting, which normally is a valuable commodity in the 2 hole. As like N. Perez before him, switch hitting doesn't mean jack, when your career OBP is below 300.

We have all seen how the lack of OBP from the 1 and 2 hole have crippled the Cubs chances of significant run production, even in the years when they've had a healthy middle of the order.

The projected lineup of,

Soriano RF
DeRosa 2B
Lee 1B
A-Ram 3B
Jones CF
Barrett C
Murton LF
Izturis SS

emphasizes speed in the leadoff role and a plodder in the 2 hole, while sacrificing production in the middle of the order.

Do you think this lineup is making the most of it's players? Does it even have the best players in their respective positions?

Let's hear your take on it.


assface said...

seriously, izturis is a turd. putting the riot in makes so much sense. but then again, he could be a one year wonder and blow ass like kevin orie. it is hard to say. still, i would rather give him a shot than let ceasar go show us how much he sucks ass. dammit. i want us to win so bad.

Clute said...

There is a possibility Theriot could play SS although I think he'll most likely take over the 2B job. The main thing is if he plays well this spring. If The Riot does, it will give PINELLA the motivation to replace either DeRosa or Izturis.

Anonymous said...

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