Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jonesin' For Some Love!

I'm sure most that read here know that I've often bashed Jacque Jones unmercifully. I've never tried to put myself really in his shoes, or even cared to for that matter. His struggles last year were for all to see and with an under performing team, and a contract that a the time seemed excessive, Jones became an easy target for my ire.

I know that I've been in a situation in the workplace when I felt my performance wasn't appreciated and you know what? I was bitter about it. I can just imagine if the media was inflaming the issue and putting their usual spin on it to enhance readership how I would have reacted. There would've been shit smashed and broken all over the place.

Jones performance last year had good and bad, but if the Cubs crack scouting department had done their homework, see Mike Remlinger, his troublesome shoulder would've never made it across the Illinois border except when Minnesota played the White Sox.

We all must keep in mind that Jones is a 2007 Chicago Cub. Are some of his problems fixable? Well much will depend on how much the reported off season therapy on his shoulder has strengthened his arm. If Jones arm is pain free, his throwing should be respectable.

Does Jones still have some issues? Of course he does, but so does Michael Barrett. It's Jones mindset that will lead to him performing well if healthy, and in lieu of the verbal and printed abuse he took last year, it seems that he's mentally tough enough to not have it effect his offense.

After listening to Jones on Comcast this morning, he didn't impress me as the type of player that is full of himself. He is soft spoken and I for one was quite shocked. My impression of him before the interview was one that was 180 degrees different. So I'm willing to give the man a second chance. It's quite possible much of his attitude has been overblown and misrepresented in the press. I'm not going to ask all of you to join hands with me and sing, Cum By Yah, but Jones seems to be a respectful man and deserves IMO the same in return.


theantigoat said...

I saw a report somewhere(too lazy to look it up) that Lou is entertaining the idea of batting Jock in the 2 slot. I just know you like that.

assface said...

I really have no problem with jacque. First off, his name is fun to say. I definately subscribe to the theory that 90% of the shit he has taken is due to him being the best player signed last year, which is sad. Not his fault. If the 5th best hitter on your team goes for .280 with 25 hr, are you gonna get mad? I won't. It will be nice for him to fade into the background and just try to crush balls and be gravy for our potentially badass offense

CornCobDress said...

The Cubs are gonna need Jacque's left handed bat in the order if they hope to contend. It's time to put 2006 behind us.

Clute said...

One thing about being a die-hard fan is that you can tend to pick at everything, as you want things to be perfect.

Most of my family is from NY and are crazed Yankee fans. I can tell you that they don't react much differently than us Cub fans do, when picking apart their team.

It's just the nature of being a true fan of your team when we bitch and moan. We jsut have to realize that sometimes there is a certain amount of luck involved for everything to fall just right.

In a perfect world the best talent would always win but we all know and thankfully appreciate that the games aren't played on paper and injuries can usually wreck any teams chances of going all the way.

Just think how the Yankees would've faired the last 2 years if R. Johnson and C. Pavano had been healthy. Do you think anybody could've really beat them with those two pitchers healthy?

So let's hope for a new positive team attitude, religious work ethic and no serious health issues.

It certainly would be a welcome change.

CornCobDress said...

We jsut have to realize that sometimes there is a certain amount of luck involved for everything to fall just right.

Ain't that the truth Clute. I'd say the Cubs have some good luck coming sometime in the next century...ummm maybe.

Clute said...

You got that right CCD!