Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Level Playing Field!

We can only hope as pitchers and catchers report to spring training today, that Uncle Lou will give everyone in camp a fair shot at making the club and earning a spot in the starting lineup. By all of Pinella's previous pronouncements, it seems there will be a level playing field for all invitees.

This of course is an 180 degree departure from Dusty's method of employing his pets, ie; Macias, Perez and their ilk.

This fresh attitude, along with a size 13 in the ass for not playing heads up ball, will finally bring a level of accountability to the clubhouse that has been so sorely missing in the past.

The tag of Lovable Losers can be finally jettisoned and with that, a degree of respect from all of the Cub haters. I for one am sick and tired of hearing and reading from the so-called baseball experts, about the fundamentally weak Cubs organization. Pinella must use his Yankee and world champion pedigree wisely and make it clear to everyone in the clubhouse, that performance is what dictates playing time, not off season moves about who was acquired to play what position or size of contract.

So my advice to Sweet Lou is this, throw a base or two or twenty and change your hair color as often as Dennis Rodman if you like, just make sure you send the message loud and clear, if you play team first, heads up ball, you'll get in the game.

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