Friday, February 9, 2007

Spring Training!

I don't know about any of you, but I've got a major chubby now we're less than a week before spring training starts. I've purchased my MLB off season package on the Internet and hope to overdose on every pitch. Any of you other psychopath's planning on a trip out to Mesa, for an up close glimpse of our beloved 2007 men in blue, leave a comment or email me with the particulars and maybe we can hook up for a cold one at a game. You never know, maybe Lollygagger Girl, Kerry will make an appearance.

It's nice for the Cubs and us fans to see some real competition at a number of positions and in the rotation. Hopefully Uncle Lou, will be a fair talent evaluator during camp and break for the regular season with the most deserving in the the best positions for the club to compete. If he does, the Cubs will have a respectable season and the playoffs should be a realistic possibility.

To go far in the playoffs though, it would seem to rest on the enigmatic Prior. His resurgence as a solid force in the rotation would be a welcome surprise and equate to as big an off season acquisition as any.

I look forward to tipping a few cold ones with you in Mesa, Go Cubs Go!


theantigoat said...

The Cubbies are going to the playoffs. You can book it now. To go deep in the playoffs, all you need is for a coupla players to get hot. Just look at the Cards. No way they were the "best" team in baseball, they just hit a streak at the right time.

Clute said...


Still the rotation has to produce and if Prior or Miller can return anywhere near their old form, the Cubs with the offense they've assembled will go deep into the playoffs.

Most of the time you need three strong starters to win it all.

theantigoat said...

No,Clute. You need to be lucky.

Who are the three strong starters from last years Cards?

They had Pujols, Carpenter, and lady luck.

Oh yeah and some scrappy white dude(s).

Clute said...


It's true anybody can win the lottery, but if the Detroit pitching staff wouldn't have committed those fielding and throwing errors, I mean how many times does a rotation blow a game with fielding errors instead of not being effective around the plate.

The Cardinals win was a fluke.