Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Back In Black!

Ok, I've finally sobered up from the painful death of the 2006 season.

What a disgusting performance by the pint sized, disco dancing, little girl handed, unathletic, Lovie embraced QB, Grossman. If the midget Grossman, is given anymore of a chance to make the 2007 Bears than Ronny Cedeneo is this spring with the Cubs, I'll be breaking shit all winter long.

Oh yeah, and F$@& you too Ron Rivera, for that shameless prevent defense played for the entire game. If that was an audition for the Cowboys, guess what, you blew it.

If I had heard any more cooing coming from the Colts and Bears before and after the game, I'm sure I would've vomited from a sugar overdose. Where was all the swagger and cracking of skulls from this make believe, were about to take our own place in Chicago defensive lore team, that was so indicative of the real Monsters of the Midway, the '85 Bears.

The Bears exhibited the same vanilla approach and stubbornness to adjust their game plan that spelled doom for them in 2005 against the Panthers.

Re-up Lovie Smith? Are you kidding? I'm beginning to think he resembles Baker, more and more.

Had Da Not Coach Lovie, showed a little flexibility, the game could've been had by the Bears.

So I offer this little bit of advice for the head bean counter Ted Phillips, save the dough on re-upping Lovie and successfully lock up a real bone crusher in the mold of a true Bear linebacker, Lance Briggs.

Thank God there is only 8 days until spring training, as wearing black out here in California just makes my blood boil more than it is already after the debacle in Miami.


theantigoat said...

Rex is the worst qb I have ever seen that was permitted to start all season. Also, Ron Turner is a Mook. Rivera too. The ONLY time the Bears played D was in the red zone, consequently when they were out of their " prevent??? ".....D.

Clute said...

Sorry AG- forgot to diss Turner, although any run of the mill QB would have been able to execute his game plan. Rivera however might have to impement the cover 2 as it is Lovie's team after all. Still Rivera has to take more blame, as he knew without Harris and Brown, he didn't have the personel to implement the cover 2 scheme properly. The only reason it worked in the red zone was that the oppositions field for recievers to run free in was shortened. In Turners case, going for a pass play on 2nd and 1 is not a bad call if you didn't have one of the most unathletic QB's in the game.