Monday, November 27, 2006

The One Year Deal!

The Cubs have signed a couple of players, K. Wood and W. Miller, to one year deals that can only work out well if both players remain healthy and return to past form. However, they can pick up another player for a one year deal that has no health issues and would help fill two valuable positions.

With the Cubs outfielder in a state of flux and the questionable wisdom of using one of the more prolific run producers, A. Soriano, in a leadoff role, K. Lofton would be a valuable acquisition that could be acquired for a one year deal with little or no downside.

Even at the age of 39, Lofton would probably provide the only known quality defensive player to patrol CF. His one year deal also wouldn't stand as a road block for the hopeful ascension of F. Pie, at the latest in 2008. Lofton's performance over the last two years shows he still can demonstrate the skills necessary to be a quality leadoff man and more importantly allow Soriano's talent to be used as a run producer.

Soriano's speed isn't as valuable in the leadoff role as his run production is in the middle of the order, especially if the Cubs have alternatives. Also Soriano's high strikeout total is much more acceptable as a run producer than a table setter.

Lofton is a smart move Hendry can make to provide depth at a minimal cost and commitment.


GoatRoper said...

I like Lofton but I wonder if he hasn't declined a little too much at this point in his career. We do need a lead-off center fielder however. If it weren't for Pie I would say we really need Dave Roberts to fill the spot but... I guess I don't really see anyone but Lofton to fill the roll at this point. I like your site and thanks for Kelly.

GoatRoper said...

Crap, I mean Kerry. I guess I blew any chance I had with her now.

Wrigley Ville said...

Dave Roberts is headed for San Francisco now...

Clute said...


Don't worry, my granny name is Kelly and she's single now.