Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We Need A Pitcher, Not A Belly Itcher!

Adam Eaton, $8 million a year for 3 years? Yikes! Randy Wolf, who I actually think has a great upside, $7.5 million for 1 year? Holy Snike's! Those signings make Hendry look like a genius with the W. Miller contract.

Let's see now, Henry Rowengardner was 12 in 1993, that makes him 27 in 2007. Any reports that he's still clumsy? If so, we could put him on our medical watch list and see if he brakes his shoulder before next season. Hell, I'm sure at his age now, Budweiser would be interested. We could even have our Rocket, Wood, mentor him.

Seriously though, the San Francisco Chronicle reports the Cubs rumored to be offering J. Schmidt, 3 years for $44 million. Over the past three seasons, Schmidt has posted; 610IP 514H 596K 242BB 55HR 3.73ERA.

If Schmidt can be had for roughly $15 million a year for 3 years, the Cubs would have a one two punch that could get you wins in 75% of their decisions. Then fill in the rest of the rotation with starters that can go .500 in their decisions, and you'd have a formidable rotation that could be a dominant force in getting to the postseason.

Now when you're in the playoffs, having two front line pitchers really pays the big dividends. First in the short 5 games series and second when you have the option of pitching not just one but two aces on short rest. It's definitely worth it for Hendry to spend the few extra million to sign another ace.

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Cubdom Byron said...


Good point about going after a strong #1 for the rotation. I agree with you that a bunch of #4 starters isn't going to do you any good in the playoffs. Plus... we already have half a dozen potential #4 starters on the roster.