Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tool Time!

Whether it's a do it yourself project at home or an assignment at work, your success is largely dependent on having the resources and proper tools to complete the task successfully.

As Jim Hendry heads off to the winter meetings next week he must be prepared, and make sure he leaves with the proper tools to construct a world championship baseball team, on the north side of Chicago.

It seems apparent Hendry has the necessary resources and we can only hope he is prepared. Hendry must now accumulate the other tools necessary to complete the job.

What's Hendry missing? Healthy, quality starters, three to be exact. Hendry must, through free agent acquisition or trade, get at least one superior starter and two other dependable inning eaters to have the tools necessary to construct a championship team.

I must reiterate, Championship Team, as the huge contracts doled out for positional talent will mean very little without an above average rotation. The Tribune has finally broke open the piggy bank and Hendry has to strike while the iron's hot.

If Hendry leaves Florida without three starters, his chances of acquiring the talent needed diminish drastically. All of the big moves by trades or free agent acquisitions are usually completed by the end of the winter meetings. Sure there might be a straggler here or there, but if they're of any value, the price is going to be through the roof.

I've debated some of the best available starters in other posts, so you know my feelings on who should be acquired. Hendry must read the instructions for constructing a championship baseball team. On page one it states clearly, without a solid foundation, quality starting pitchers, house, Cub hopes, go boom, you're out of a job.

So go to Florida Jimbo, and lay in the sun, better yet, go to a massage palor, whatever it takes to get your thoughts together and bring us the tools to build the Cub fans a winner.


Jason said...

The Jim Hendry who's seemed so unwilling to act is obviously gone so I'm really interested to see what the new Trader Jim can accomplish at the Winter Meetings. When do they start, again?

Clute said...


Next week baby, and don't forget to drop by tomorrow and see Kerry quote for December.

Wrigley Ville said...

For the record, as I know everyone is wondering, I have now been convinced that pursuing Barry Zito is the way to go. Age, record and statistics simply say it makes the most sense...

Jason said...

wrigley ville -

What convinced you? Zito seems awfully Mike Hampton-like and I worry quite a bit that he'll struggle to live up to a 6-7 year contract. Add that in with Soriano's eventual decline and you've got two serious albatrosses in 4-5 years.

Zito just doesn't seem good enough to justify ace money and happens to be lucky enough to come out in a soft market.