Monday, November 20, 2006

Soriano's Impact!

It is well documented the offensive talents Soriano brings to the Cubs. Defensively however there are some questions.

Pinella, in a "Score" radio interview Sunday, was asked where Soriano would play? Without hesitation, Uncle Lou said that his best arm in the outfield, Soriano, plays RF.

Which now without any further additions or prospects making the club in spring training, the Cubs outfield would comprise Murton in LF, Jones in CF and Soriano in RF. In comparing that outfield configuration with last years of Murton, Pierre and Jones, I sincerely doubt that we lose anything defensively. Whatever shortcomings Jones might have in CF, Soriano should more than offset just with his arm in RF. The leadoff situation with Pierre and Soriano is almost a wash, but the slugging numbers will go through the roof with Soriano.

This outfield will certainly cost more than last years, but Pierre already has a $10 million offer on the table. Soriano's contract will likely be seriously backloaded, so the difference in contracts should result in approximately $5 million additional to this years payroll.

The addition of Soriano's gaudy offensive numbers, will make that additional money spent seem like a spit in the ocean.


CCD said...

Clute, why not rent a player like Lofton for a year?

Clute said...


I've long been a Lofton advocate and believe, as I stated in prior posts that he would be as bis an assest to the Cubs as he was In Philly and LA. I really don't believe Hendry wants to block CF with Pie in the wings. I think that Lofton would be an excellent fourth outfielder ideally, but with the Cubs outfield in a state a flux, I have no problem whatsoever starting the year with Lofton in CF. Hopefully Pie will progress into a solid if not spectacular player, and will be an assest to the 2007 roster. Meanwhile the signing Lofton would give Pinella a lot of options in the outfield.