Thursday, November 16, 2006

Time for a big trade?

I'm sure we're all a little concerned with Hendry's decision, to fore go the acquisition of a B. Zito or J. Schmidt, due to the anticipated large commitment of payroll needed to acquire a Soriano or Drew. Quality as well as health, needs to be foremost in Hendry's thinking when acquiring starters.

A forward thinking trade, could accomplish both the need for a power bat in CF and free up necessary payroll for Hendry to pursue a front of the rotation starter via free agency.

With the signing of Blanco for 3 years, it opens up the possibility of moving Barrett. Don't get me wrong. I like Barrett and think he's a natural leader and quality stick in the lineup. However, Barrett finished 29th. as a catcher this year defensively.

Toronto is in the market for a LHRP and is concerned they won't be able to resign V. Wells before he becomes a free agent next year. If the Cubs trade S. Eyre and M. Barrett with prospect F. Pie to Toronto, we could likely land V. Wells. The payroll for each team would be a wash and help both teams. This would allow to the Cubs to re-focus their payroll towards acquiring the quality starter they need.

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