Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wells/Toronto Gap Widening!

Toronto, like most everyone is in the market to add a starter. Unfortunately for them, talks are not going well with Lilly. If they need to fill two rotation spots instead of one, Wells probably will not fit into their plans.

JP Riccardi indicates, there is only so much money to work with and with the price a free agent starters looking more and more likely to resemble the money free agent position players are getting, extending the Wells contract doesn't seem likely.

Good news for those teams, hopefully the Cubs, that can work out a package to trade for Wells. A scenario of Murton, Pie and a relief pitcher just might be able to get it done, who knows. But even though the Cubs priority has to be getting some quality starters, an opportunity to acquire a premier player like Wells, has to be seriously explored.

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