Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rebirth Of The Old Fashioned Trade!

Gm's are starting to realize that with the cost and scarcity of quality free agents this year, even the most well healed teams will have consider trading to get the talent they desire.

Free wheeling Gm's like Theo Epstien of the Red Sox, "The market is forcing some teams into trade talks. The most aggressive teams in this market are the teams that can take a broader view because so many teams are trying to fill holes, the free agent market is so expensive and the teams that can lose something off their big league team and fill the hole for someone else, can get back a lot of value." and Omar Minaya of the Mets, "I don't think there's enough in the free agent market to fulfill those needs, so the only option is for trades." understand the need to adjust their thinking if they are to fill the positions most important for their team.

As you know, I have been long advocating for the Cubs to use the trade route, simply because they have some, not many but some areas of strength from which to deal. One such area of strength on the Cubs is their bullpen. It's a shame that Hendry's hands where tied by McPhail, otherwise I'm sure Pierre would've had his contract extended as soon as he came to the Cubs. Just think in the recent light of Pierre's 5 year $44 million contract with the Dodgers, what he would've fetched in a trade? Ok, Ok, what's past is past, and there is no sense in crying over spilt milk.

Cleveland, Pittsburg and to a lesser extent Toronto are three teams I've advocated dealing with in recent posts. Now that the mainstream is starting to take notice as well, evidently my site is being religiously read by the more forward thinking GM's already, Ha!, it behoves Hendry to move as quickly on the trade front, as he has in free agency.

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