Friday, December 1, 2006

Good News! Prior Pitching In Arizona!

Mark Prior has finally begun working on his pitching. It seems he's completed the, "Make Millions As A Sports Agent" mail order home study course, just in case his arm falls off and won't be able to pursue his first career choice as a starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs.

Reports from the Ricky Mountain News, have it that Prior is an Arizona neighbor of coveted free agent pitcher, Jason Schmidt. Prior, like all pitch men embarking on a new career, are instructed to try and sell family, friends and neighbors first, to make it easier to land their first deal. Hence our junior Scott Boras wannabe, is talking with Schmidt to make a move to Chicago's north side, emphasizing that he'd still be on the west coast, albeit west coast of Lake Michigan.

And we thought Prior was only working on towel drills.

PS Sorry fans of our lovely Lollygagger girl Kerry, no published phone number for her yet, but she did agree to post another pitcher and comment for you.

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