Friday, December 15, 2006

Your Thoughts!

I know most of us Die Hards have a burning desire, for the Cubs to shake the "Poor Fundamental" tag so rightfully heaped on the team these past few years by every Tom, Dick and Harry sportswriter and commentator.

What's the best way for our beloved men in blue to do that? It would appear quite simple, quit playing like the Keystone Cops.

Of course to say it and do it are two different things entirely. With Pinella now at the helm, a philosophical seed change needs to be hammered into the players skulls. Players that exhibit cranial rectus, head up the ass, results in pedial rectus, Pinella's size 12 firmly implanted in ass.

Physical mistakes happen to even the best players, but not understanding game situations by throwing to the wrong base, not being patient at the plate, missing signs or poor base running, has to do with attitude.

Does that mean you don't play your best players? Certainly not, but it does mean that there are repercussions if your heads not in the game.

Pinella has to send a message loud and clear, this is a team game and poor fundamental play hurts the team's chances to win. If players making millions can't be bothered with the finer points of the game, someone making thousands will replace them who can.

This is where I'd like to solicit your thoughts by placing you in the manager's role.

Would you adopt this philosophy if it meant sitting a starter to get a message across?

Do you think this style of managing is the most effective? If not, please explain.

Do you think starting a rookie over a veteran, assuming both are performing equally is the right thing to do, regardless of contracts?

Please feel free to elaborate in as much detail as you'd like and if you have any other suggestions you feel are germane to team play, feel free to opine.

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