Sunday, December 3, 2006

2003 Reunion?

As my friend, Kurt aka Death over at GROTA has posted, the caveman journalist reports the Cubs might sign Lofton.

As all of you that read my fledgling blog know, I have long been in support of this move. Back in 2003 when Lofton was acquired, he jump started a dead in the water 500 team at mid season. It is true Ramirez also provided some added punch that year, but the acquisition of the table setter Lofton, provided the most important thing a lineup of power hitting free swingers need, someone that can work the count against an opposing pitcher and get on base in front of them.

Even though the acquisition of Lofton is small potatoes in the overall budget makeup of the Cubs for 2007, his impact could be huge. Why?

* Last year Lofton at 39, had a 300BA, 360OBP and over 30 steals.

* He still can play center field better than any of the present Cub outfielders and if Hendry moves quickly, can be had for a one year contract.

* Lofton has a wealth of experience and could be a valuable mentor, if and when Felix Pie is called up.

* His short term and inexpensive contract, eliminates the crazy notion of acquiring Lugo at considerable expense and length of contract, to play out of position in CF, and therefore leaving as much payroll flexibility as possible to sign the best starters available.

However the biggest affect of the Lofton signing, is that it will move Soriano down in the batting order where his most valuable asset, run production and his most glaring weakness, strikeouts would best be utilized.

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