Friday, December 29, 2006

The Big Z !

There is certainly a lot of angst being spread around the blog community concerning the impending doom of our fist pumping dynamo, Zambrano.

I certainly can't say what will happen, but let's look at what would make Zambrano bolt.

The Cubs offer some ridiculously low ball offer. Does that really appear to be the tack the Cubs will take after finally smashing the Trib's piggy bank to pieces?

There also seems to be some misinformation being bandied about that Scott Boras, is our internet surfing ace's agent. This is not factual, as Barry Praver has replaced the anti-Christ Boras, as Big Z's main man.

Is it really in Zambrano's best interest to insist on a 7 year contract now? Why should he when considering he will only be 26 next season. Zambrano could easily sign a fat extension for 3 or 4 years at Roy Oswalt money. Then at the end of the extension, still be young enough for even a bigger payday.

Do we have to believe that Zambrano is only a mercenary, and has no loyalty to the only organization he knows? With the Ramirez and Wood resigning, it appears that Zambrano could very well follow their lead, realizing he could be part of something historic.

I know in the wake of any hard news about the Chicago National League Ballclub, that many are looking for anything that can go wrong, will. My advice to all of those is just this, TAKE A FREAKIN' CHILL PILL! We all could very well be in for a great 2007 and beyond. God knows, we deserve it.


Dio said...

Yeah i still have a pretty big chubby from all the free spending. It is very encouraging to me, even if some of the guys we picked up are totally terrible. It would be insane to have spent all that loot on the caliber of players that we did and then go and ignore the realities of what it will take to bring back big z. i say pay him anything we have to.

Clute said...

I agree with paying him any salary it would take, but I believe we would be wise to limit the years to 4 max.