Wednesday, December 6, 2006


If reports are true, take the biggest horse off the board. Jason Schmidt is reportedly close to a 3 year $47 million agreement with the Dodgers.

It's amazing that Hendry would be willing to sweeten a deal for Lilly, but wasn't willing to do the same with Schmidt.


It's hard to imagine that Hendry really gets it. Opening up Mother Trib's checkbook to acquire Soriano doesn't make Hendry a brainsurgeon, but not signing Schmidt, definetely makes you a candidate to need one.

It's not like the Cubs have a lineup like the Yankees, or even like the Cardinals for that matter.

The Cubs have no leadoff man without sacrificing RBI's, batting Soriano at the top of the order. The way the outfield defense is configured now, Murton LF, Jones CF and Soriano RF, the Cubs should contact the manufacturer of Olerud's fielding helmet, they'll definetely need them.

With the Cubs having a decent fielding infield and a hardhat fielding outfield, why would you target a fly ball pitcher like Lilly, to be their number 2 starter. Yikes!

What is so annoying is that Hendry has no clue what a quality pitcher is. Any pitcher's key to success is quite simple. Hit your spots, change speeds and throw strikes. Unless your stuff is so dominating like Zambrano's, pitchers like Lilly and Meche with their control problems, unless they have a unlikely metamorphisis, will be only marginally better than the kids we had up in the rotation last year. I'd rather see them get a guy like John Lieber, who can keep the ball down and give you consistent innings.

Forget the world series bullshit now. Hoping for a division championship is the only goal that is remotely possible. There isn't a chance in hell we get past the Dodgers or Mets.

All together now. Hendry is an ASSCLOWN, Hendry is an ASSCLOWN!

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