Monday, December 4, 2006

Three Way Might Be The Right Way!

Steve Phillips, baseball analyst for ESPN, is reporting a three way deal might be in the works involving the Rockies, Pirates and Cubs.

As speculated last month here on Lollygaggers, the Pirates were willing to part with one of their LHSP's for a LH power hitting right fielder.

The rumored deal involves the Cubs sending Jacque Jones and Carlos Marmol to the Rockies for Jason Jennings, then the Rockies sending Jones or Hawpe to the Pirates for LHSP Paul Maholm.

This deal seems to help all three teams, as the Cubs get a solid number two starter, the Pirates get the LH power hitting right fielder they needed and the Rockies get two young arms and avoid losing Jennings next year to free agency.

In my previous post, "Let's Be Careful Out There," I outlined a breakdown on most of the starting pitching available this offseason, through free agency or trades.

Based on the criteria used, it appears the Cubs will acquire the second best pitcher from that list without spending a penny.

I don't usually advocate trading young arms, but with the Cubs thirst to win now and acknowledging that Marmol is a project that might be a couple of years away if ever, the deal makes good sense for the Cubs. The inclusion of Jones in the deal wasn't that surprising after Hendry came out publicly in support of Murton and the recent rumors of the Cubs pursuing Kenny Lofton. Hendry and his scouts have seemed to do their homework on this deal. The most important acquisitions the Cubs will make this offseason, will involve building a dominant rotation. They appear to be off to a good start if this deal goes through.

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