Monday, December 4, 2006

You Know That Feeling!

Waking up after another marathon 'till 4 am at the bar, Sunday Afternoon At Soldiers Field, you invited what's her name home, Minnesota Vikings, your one head was spinning, Bears Offense, the other head was standing at attention, Bears Defense, you got your freak on, Bears Victory, but you just can't understand why in the hell you still do those things, Starting Rex Grossman.

Well it's a new day and you've repented for the umpteeth time, now your thoughts can be refocused on your one true love, Chicago Cubs Baseball.

The winter meetings start today and hopefully your sweety can make everything right with the world by always looking her sexiest, Jason Schmidt, Barry Zito and Vicente Padilla.

Ok, Ok, cut your sweetheart some slack and let her have a casual day, Jason Schmidt or Barry Zito and Vicente Padilla.

Just in time for Christmas to, but what should you get her? You drink another cup of coffee and everything becomes clear. Why not get her a Brian Griese Jersey, it would do wonders for her wardrobe on casual day.

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