Saturday, December 2, 2006

Deals Of Strength!

Are the Cubs going to start the season with 13 pitchers on their 25 man roster, not counting, Mark Prior?

Thankfully, gone is Dusty Baker. Remember when he sent Murton down to add a 12th. pitcher when the Cubs went to Coors field in 2005?

Well it's a new day on the north side of Chicago, and the Cubs have an opportunity to wheel and deal at next week's winter baseball meetings, from a position of strength.

Although the needs are glaring in the starting rotation, the Cubs presently have a surplus of arms, Novoa, Eyre, Howry, Dempster, Wood, Ohman, Wuertz and Cotts, in their bullpen.

If the Cubs acquire at least 2 starters next week, that would bring their total to 13 pitchers, not including Mark Prior. Thank the Lord the mindset has changed, as the Cubs are no longer counting on Prior.

The Cubs can and should use this position of strength at the bargaining table next week, to make the best deals possible to upgrade the team, weather it be a starting pitcher, position player or prospects.

Who's available that the Cubs could use their surplus to acquire? Check out the article posted by, Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain news, for an interesting look at who needs what and who they have to offer.

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