Wednesday, January 31, 2007

3,4,5 Open Thread!

If Pinella decides to use Soriano as the lead off hitter next season, does it have a negative impact on the middle of the order?

If Jones is traded, Floyd definitely couldn't play CF and do we want to count on Floyd to be an everyday player?

If Pie can make the team out of spring training, doesn't the middle of the lineups production suffer?

The decision where Soriano bats in the lineup could very well make or break the lineups production, so does his speed at lead off justify the the loss of production in the middle of the order?

I'd love to hear your take on this.


theantigoat said...

Soriano's numbers are better when he bats leadoff. I thought about doing a study on what I know to be true....but I am WAY too lazy.

BTW Kerry is looking better than ever!!!!

Clute said...

I know I've heard he hits better in the leadoff spot, AG. Still if Jones goes our #5 hitter would be Barrett, not good when The Riot & Murton could bat 1-2 instead.

Kerry sends you a little smooooooch for the compliment.