Sunday, January 14, 2007

More Bullshit Trade Rumors!

In today's Tribune, Phil Rodgers in all his wisdom, cough, suggests the Cubs should trade Jones to the Pirates for either Nate McLouth or Chris Duffy. Who does Phil think he is, a blogger? Bloviating about what the Cubs should do is the providence of the fans and us bloggers, not a sanctimonious reporter.

Duffy and McLouth are 27 and 26 respectively. They are legit center fielders, bat left handed and have lots of speed. Duffy came on strong last year but has zero power. Let me amend that, he did hit a lead off home run and a game winning home run last year against the Cubs. Maybe the Cubs fear he's going to do that every time we face the Bucco's, but I doubt it. He hits LH pitching ok as last year versus southpaws had a 263BA 315OBP 654OPS, yikes! In 314AB, he stole 26 bases which is pretty impressive but once again, we have a light hitter who can steal bases but only carried a 317OBP last year. Do we really want a younger version of Pierre? McLouth's numbers are worse than Duffy's so I can't see what Rodgers is getting his underwear all in a bunch over these guys for.

Let's face it, Super Jock is under contract and I personally don't give a shit if he wants to be traded or not. He'll play more than adequate enough defense for the Cubs in CF and if Pie makes the club, he'll prove to be a valuable platoon partner for Murton.

It makes no sense to give Jones away without getting value in return, especially in these days of inflated contracts.

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