Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bullshit Reaches Fox's Ken Rosenthal!

Well Fox baseball reporter Ken Rosenthal, has come up with some bullshit trade rumors as well. I guess I haven't cornered the market for people concocting rumors of what might happen.

When I suggest a trade rumor however, I qualify it as a BULLSHIT trade rumor, as I don't have a mole in the Cubs organization feeding me information.

I sincerely doubt Mr. Rosenthal does either, but let's assume he knows a few more people than I do and his story today has some validity.

Of course reporting the Cubs are looking for an outfielder, most likely to patrol center field until Felix Pie, the superior defensively tooled Cubs prospect that will more likely resemble Corey Patterson at the plate than Carlos Beltran, is ready to assume the role of everyday center fielder is hardly news. Or for that matter that the Cubs are in pursuit of Thornwood HS grad. Cliff Floyd.

Also Mr. Rosenthal reporting that every other free agent outfielder who bats lefty is being considered is anything novel either.

Rosenthal's list includes the aforementioned Floyd. Ryan Church, whom I have been advocating long before Mr. Rosenthal has in my bullshit trade rumor posts. Darrin Erstad, another player who was a very fine outfielder before he became a regular on MASH. Steve Finley, ditto as in Ryan Church. And for the love of all things holy and righteous, Bernie Williams, who fits into the category of Ryne Sandburg in my book. Bernie has loads of class and has spent his whole career with the Yankees. Bernie should and most probably will, retire if he doesn't get a contract to play with them.

In my past bullshit trade rumor posts, I've advocated signing Church and Finley, and if they acquire any Yankee outfielder it should be Melky Cabrera, as the Yankees need bullpen help and that's one of the Cubs strengths.

Church is young but skilled enough to play a significant amount of time in at least center and left field. Finley is still a solid center fielder and a savvy enough veteran to excel coming off the bench. Both Church and Finley can play above average defense, have decent pop in the bat and would bolster the bench.

Floyd and Erstad have very recent severe medical issues. If Pie's ascension is delayed, you'd be hard pressed to capably fill the center field position if Erstad wasn't totally healthy, with anyone other than Angel Pagan.

Acquiring Church also might provide the Cubs an avenue to unload Jones. The Nationals have many holes to fill, but the loss of Soriano's production might be one of their more glaring. They also need bullpen help and if the Cubs could package a reliever and Jones together for Church, it would make sense for both teams.

So forget the man crush you have on Floyd, big Jim, just like you have to forget those old eating and lack of exercise habits. Your health and the health of the Cubs will be all the better for it.

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