Monday, January 29, 2007

Lineup Open Thread!

I've been agonizing like I'm sure most of you have, as to how the starting lineup is going to shake out after spring training. Since you're all somewhat familiar with my thoughts, I'd like to solicit your sentiments in this thread.

Please feel free, or should I say I would expect you all to give your reasoning behind your positions. Since this could be a rather lengthy reply if we covered the whole team, let's brake it down into a few segments.

Today I'd like to hear about who you think should bat leadoff. If the player you think isn't projected in the starting lineup, please explain why you think he should be.

The Chicago press has projected a starting lineup as follows;

Soriano RF
DeRosa 2B
Lee 1B
A-Ram 3B
Jones CF
Barrett C
Murton LF
Izturis SS

Have at it folks and we'll breakdown the rest of the lineup in the following days.


Clute said...

I imagine everyone believes Soriano is a done deal out of the leadoff spot and after Pinella's pronouncements at the Cubs Convention, I can see how everyone feels that way. I still believe Soriano should bat no higher than second. He'll still get his AB's in the 2 hole and in the game situation where a pitcher may bunt a baserunner on to second, Soriano in the leadoff spot would most likely be walked. Not to mention that although Soriano's OBP was acceptable last year, his career OBP is in the 330's.

Murton would be a more consistent on base threat and has decent enough speed.

Soriano hitting in the 2 hole would also afford hm more protection with Lee immediately following him.

Moe said...

I prefer theriot or Murton leading off

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