Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Case For Finley!

I apologize for the absence of posts these past few days, but even I can't conjure up anymore bullshit trade rumors. I try and keep all my posts relevant to our current Cub team and frankly, there hasn't been squat to write about.

I've tried to cover in the past few months, many relevant comparisons of the Cubs versus the playoff pretenders and contenders from last year, so germane topics for other posts has been scarce.

However, I would like to discuss the possible addition of old man Steve Finley. No there isn't any rumblings from Cubs brass about him, but with the absence of LH bats in the projected lineup, I'm going to make my case for acquiring him.

* Finley is 40 years old and can still run better than 75% of the present roster.

* Has surprising power that would only be enhanced in Wrigley.

* Still has an above average arm, especially for a center fielder.

* Is as experienced a center fielder as we would have.

* Won't block the ascension of Pie, when and if he is ready.

* Batted only 240 last year but had an OBP over 80 points higher.

* Struck out less than once in every 10 plate appearances.

* Stole only 7 bases last year but was never caught stealing.

* Allows Pinella to keep a LH bat in lineup as a defensive replacement.

* Could possibly be had for as little as a minor league contract, or at most $1M.

I know Finley's acquisition wouldn't be a major move for the team, but the successful teams have quality, heads up players on their bench. I welcome your thoughts on his acquisition versus a Cliff Floyd, or any other player you feel I might have overlooked.

Remember only 36 days until pitchers and catchers report to Mesa, so the news should start to pick up soon. Until then, Lollygagger girl Kerry, says she doesn't want to see any flabby bellies come this spring because you were a slacker this winter.


theantigoat said...

I would'nt mind seeing Finley in Cubbie Blue, I mean what could it hurt. If it were me I still think I would give the job to Pie and if he struggles let Finley take over. At worst he would be a lefty coming off the bench. That would be a welcome sight in my mind. BTW I do not like the Cliff Floyd for Jock trade, it would be different if we had Cliff AND Jack, but to me Floyd is a downgrade to Jones and I don't see the reasoning in the trade.

theantigoat said...

Oh yeah Clute, check this out and tell me what you think.

Clute said...

I think that's it's impossible to have a sane conversation with a longhorn fan if you're a OK State Alum. lol

I don't think Jocko is going to be traded unless Pie shows he's ready for the Show.

I also agree that Floyd would be a downgrade. The problem is that Floyd would be willing to sit on the pine. Super Jock won't.

Maddog said...

For the first time in some time, the rumor of Cliff Floyd coming to Chicago has returned. Ken Rosenthal said the Cubs are looking to add two more outfielders and trade Jones. One of the outfielders is Floyd and the among the possibilities for the other two are Finley (maybe your call for the Cubs to go after him worked, Clute), Erstad, and Church.