Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bullshit Trade Rumor!

I've been wondering why the Yankees were willing to part with Melky Cabrera, in order to obtain the Pittsburgh's left handed reliever, Mike Gonzalez.

Gonzalez who turns 29 in May, had an impressive 2006:
54IP 42H 1HR 64K 31BB 24/24SV

However, Gonzalez didn't pitch after August 24th, due to left elbow tendinitis.

The Yankees Melky Cabrera is only 22 and a switch hitter who showed that he could handle playing on the the biggest stage, Yankee Stadium and perform well.

Cabrera is a switch hitting outfielder whose 2006 line was quite respectable as well:
460AB 139H 7HR 12SB 59K 56BB 280BA 360OBP

It would seem to me that the Cubs should explore the possibility of acquiring Cabrera from the Yankees. The Cubs have 9 relievers going into 2007 with three of them being lefties, and could offer any one of them in exchange for Cabrera.

Although Cabrera has played the majority of his time in LF, 999 innings, he still has played both RF, 70 innings and CF, 72 innings.

It seems that a deal could possibly be struck with the Yankees that could benefit both clubs. I say let's at least look into it.

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Maddog said...

I think it's worth a look as well.