Saturday, January 20, 2007

Notre Dame Kids Really Are Smart!

Jeff Samardzjia must have at least minored in math at Notre Dame, as he caught his first pro contract from MLB, specifically the Chicago Cubs, not from the NFL.

The economics of an non guaranteed NFL contract, for an average speed, white slot receiver, just doesn't compare to the guaranteed money in pro baseball.

Samardzjia, for all his accomplishments on the gridiron, was not a John Elway or Bo Jackson type of football talent, and his recognition of this fact speaks volumes for the young man being mature. He realized that although his passion for playing two sports was a long time dream, he was now about to become a professional and like most of us in this world, had to make a career choice.

So great, Samardzjia makes a sound decision for himself. What does this mean for the Cubs?

The Cubs are banking on another live power arm being nurtured into a pitcher. Their past has been somewhat sketchy on developing their young arms, but barring any medical issues, Samardzjia seems to have the mental makeup needed to succeed. Forget that he's somewhat behind in his development for his age. Samardzjia has the one thing you can't develop, a live arm, but more importantly has the other thing you can develop, a brain.

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