Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome To 2007!

In keeping with one of my new years resolutions, I like to spin a little rumor that was once getting some attention during the past winter meetings.

The rumor mill had it that the Cubs were talking with the Nationals about acquiring the LH hitting Ryan Church.

For those of you not familiar with Church, I'll briefly discuss what he would bring to the table for the Cubs.

Ryan Church, who turned 29 this past Oct. 2006 line is as follows:

196AB 10HR 60K 6SB 276BA 366OBP 892OPS

511IP in CF 315RF 841ZR

Church is in his third partial year in the Bigs. Looks like a late bloomer that would be a cheaper alternative to Jones. The key in the trade would seem to be if the Nationals believe Jones would help fill the power vacuum created by Soriano's departure.

I'd like to hear your pros and cons concerning the possible benefit of this trade to the Cubs and the likelihood of it happening.

More bullshit trade rumors tomorrow. I have some serious hair of the dog to catch up with after that fiasco they called a football game last night.


Maddog said...

Is this a supposed Jones for Church swap? If so, I'd do it. You could put Church in CF if Pie doesn't have a strong showing in Spring Training and when Pie appears ready you could deal Church at the deadline for a fairly solid package of prospects assuming he hits like he's capable of in Chicago (.280/.360/.500).

The cons would be the injury concern, but the Cubs have that covered with Felix Pie and even Angel Pagan. I'd do this trade in a heartbeat if the Nats would do it.

Clute said...

I like the kid Church as well, but I think the reason the Nat's didn't go through with the deal is they wanted more than Jones. I wouldn't be adverse to including a Dempster, but the stupid contract he carries at $5M per wouldn't fit the Nat's budget. The only other sweeetner I'd offer would be Novoa.

With that said, I wasn't advocating trading Jones for Church as I think he'll provide solid enough defense until Pie is ready. Jones came up as a CF and his arm won't be near the negative is was in RF.

Actually, Jones playing in CF could only help his market value if the Cubs do move him.

theantigoat said...

Is Church righty or lefty? If memory serves me, he is a righty. If so the trade does'nt make sense to me, although I do like Ryan and think he is a quality ball player, I just don't see the advantage of trading Jack for a right-handed bat. If I was going to make a trade for the guy, it would'nt be for Jack. Maybe a pitching prospect and a reliever. Although I do realize that the Cubbies seem deadset on trading Jones. I think I would just put Pie in CF and if he struggles, let him play through it. Maybe I am in the minority but I would like to keep JOnes in Cubbie Blue.

Clute said...


You see when I write LH infront of the word hitting it means Left Handed.

CF also stands for center field
LF for left field
and on and on and on :)

Sorry AG, you made that to easy.

theantigoat said...

Yes, that was WAY too easy. Anywho, with Church being a lefty I completly change my stance. Git-R-Dun.

Wrigley Ville said...

I thought I remember this being a Marshall-for-Church trade to fill their rotation (as they only have the broken John Patterson starting). Or I'm drunk. Either way.

Maddog said...

Marshall for Church? I think I saw that somewhere now that you mention it, but I'm not positive.

I'd prefer the Cubs hold onto Marshall to be honest. His minor league numbers are pretty darn good and if he can stay healthy he's got a shot to be a good (cheap) middle of the rotation starter.

Clute said...

I agree that trading any young arms isn't in the Cubs best interest, at least not for a guy like Church.

The way the bullpen sets up with Wood, we have a total of 9.

I wouldn't mind trading a reliever like Novoa or Dempster but that's all.

Like I said, I'm just revisiting an old trade rumor to see what all of you thought.

I don't know if it has any legs at this time.

Wrigley Ville said...

It was included in a Sun-Times story that I linked to:

Wrigley Ville said...

Oops. Here is the Sun-Times link, rather than my post:,CST-SPT-deluca08.article

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