Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hot Dog & Beer!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I'm in the middle of launching a new marketing campaign and it is consuming much of my free time.

As some of you might know, I reside in So Cal, so I can't really add any first hand reporting on the Cubs Convention, wish I could. The lack of any other hard news about our beloved men in blue has also made only the purest of speculation possible on my part.

I haven't ever intended this blog to be a stat geek rag, as other blogs seem better equipped and more inclined to pour over such numbers.

I would however like to encourage an open discussion among those of you as to the debate amongst many other blogs, regarding Zambrano's fate with the Cubs. Should big Z be traded? Given a raise for this year in the hopes of hammering an extension in mid season? Or, just pay him the damn money?

Just remember whatever happens with Zambrano, you'll still need to bring your Visa Gold Card, to buy a hot dog and beer at the game.


Chevel said...

Over the holidays I almost came to blows with a Yankees fan over the fate of Big Z. He claimed that it was inevitable that Zambrano will end up in the Bronx. I assured him that Jin Hendry wouldn't be that stupid to let the staff ace walk after making a huge investment in the off season to win now.

Yesterday, I read that Zambrano wants to get a deal done before the start of the season and that it must be similar to what Barry Zito got.

I believe that is a fair position by Big Z. He is, after all, a far more valuable commodity than Zito. And, make no mistake about it folks, he will get that money. Either from the Cubs, the Yanks or any other of the 28 MLB teams.

This franchise cannot afford to lose its young staff ace as it did back in 1992 with Greg Maddux. If there is no deal before Opening Day, the level of optimism generated by the recent personnel moves will be gone.

Chip Wesley said...

To quote KGB in Rounders:

"Pay heem, pay dat man hees money."

But why do I have this feeling deep in my gut that suggests once Z signs a fat contract with the Cubs, his arm will fall off?

Clute said...


The parallels with Maddux & Zambrano are scary but we all know in today's world no one is expendable. More importantly, is if Hendry were savvy enough to get value in return.

I may be a little more skeptical than you as how much improvement we see in '07 and I know the Cub's have invested a great deal of money this off season. However, it was impossible to complete a total overhaul of last years mess and although Hendry has done some good work acquiring some veteran's, the starting staff is still questionable without a solid improvement with R. Hill and a resurgence of Prior.

Don't get me wrong, it's not my money and Zambrano is worth the big bucks as much as any pitcher out there, I'd just like to see the Cubs get by with a 3/4 yesr extension instead of a 7 year deal.

Clute said...


Enjoy your TMS blog, funny shit.